Paparazzoo - Paparazzoo demo sessions

Paparazzoo demo sessions

28 Sep, 2018

The next few weeks we’ll be playing and explaining Paparazzoo in several locations in the Netherlands. If you want to…

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Demo at Board Game Group Purmerend

19 Sep, 2018

Last Monday we were invited to play Paparazzoo with a group of friendly board game enthusiasts in the Dutch metropolis…

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11 Sep, 2018

We have been working towards this day for the past 3 years and now we are finally live on Kickstarter…

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Only one day to go!

10 Sep, 2018

Tomorrow is the big day! Our board game Paparazzoo will launch on Kickstarter on 16pm CET (10am EST). Well begun…

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KS on september 11th

03 Sep, 2018

Ready to launch? Not just yet.. The establishment of Kembe Games experienced a few bumps along the road which made…

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Launching on September 4th!

08 Aug, 2018

After 3 years of developing, designing, playing and refining we can finally announce that the board game Paparazzoo that we…

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Paparazoo on tour

16 Nov, 2017

Over the past couple of months we have visited several conventions to demo Paparazzoo and get more people excited about…

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Paparazzoo at PopinnPark

19 Oct, 2017

Last Saturday we played Paparazzoo with a bunch of people at PopinnPark in Amsterdam. Thank you Four Horsemen Games for…

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Spellenfestival Genk

02 Oct, 2017

Yesterday the group went to the Spellenfestival in Genk with the latest prototype of Paparazzoo! The entire day we played…

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Paparazzoo Prototype Parade

16 Aug, 2017

In today’s blog post, we’ll share with you how the idea for Paparazzoo evolved from a very basic thought through…

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