Paparazzoo - Paparazoo on tour

Paparazoo on tour

16 Nov, 2017

Over the past couple of months we have visited several conventions to demo Paparazzoo and get more people excited about the game! On October 1st we had two prototypes at the Limburghal in Genk (Belgium). After a lot of nice games and much useful feedback we made our way back to the Netherlands!


Two weeks later we demoed at PopinnPlay at the PopinnPark in Amsterdam. Armed with a new banner of Kembe and some tweaks to the game we set up for another day of testing. We had a great time and definitely added a couple of fans 🙂



The height of our convention season came last weekend at the largest game convention in the Netherlands: Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven. We demonstrated the latest prototype of our game on both days and had a great response! It was nice to see some familiar faces from Genk and Amsterdam! The table has been packed non-stop with enthusiastic players, we even had to disappoint quite a few people that the game is not for sale yet. Next year we’ll be back with a ‘proper’ version of Paparazzoo you can take home!