Paparazzoo - Here’s Kembe!

Here’s Kembe!

17 Jul, 2017

Have you ever tried to lead a group of tourists through a crowded zoo while being chased by a giant gorilla?

This is what Paparazzoo is all about. In Paparazzoo, 3-6 competitive tour guides lead strings of tourists through a zoo. The tourists strive to photograph as many animals as they can, while being hindered by a gorilla on the loose.

Players draft action cards to move or expand their group, take pictures or direct the gorilla to the rival guides! Rare and timely photographs boost the score, but be sure to claim your place on the narrow paths. The best player to guide the tourists’ movements, while staying out of the gorillas way, wins the game!

About us

Paparazzoo is being developed by the 5 lovely guys shown in the picture above. In real life, we’re a mix of one engineer, a front-end developer, a back-end developer, an account manager and an IT project manager. After having played board games together for several years, we decided it was our turn to contribute to the rich world of board games. Paparazzoo is the first tangible result of this endeavour!

How Paparazzoo came to be

Although the following story may reduce the magic surrounding the game, Paparazzoo was not some random brilliant (or less brilliant) idea but instead the result of an engineering-like process.

We started out by listing cool mechanics and themes, and combined them into 8 seemingly viable board game ideas, including ‘Pizza Mafiosa’, the intense 2-player ‘Symmetric hot pursuit racing game’ and a deck-building combat game where the cards turned into ships moving across a landscape. We iteratively improved on the 8 initial ideas, eliminating them one by one, until the Zoo idea finally emerged. Obviously, it was the havoc-bringing gorilla that convinced us in the end.

Many rounds of further playtesting and improvement resulted in an accessible and rather high-paced board game that involves many tactical decisions, a high degree of interaction and, basically, a lot of fun!


Paparazzoo will be crowdfunded using the Kickstarter platform. This means that we will sell copies of the game without actually having manufactured the game yet. For that, we need your support!

  • Aside from our initial investment, we did our homework. Based on elaborate research, we’ve figured out all the details (and contacted relevant parties) related to manufacturing, shipping, fulfillment, taxes and so on.
  • From this, we calculated the amount of money needed to make our project a success. We call that amount our ‘funding goal’. Any lower amount would require us to subsidize each sold copy of the game.
  • During the whole month the campaign is active, everyone gets the chance to ‘pledge’ a preset amount of money on the Kickstarter website and thereby become eligible to receive a copy of the game in the (near) future.
  • At the end of the campaign, we calculate the total amount pledged. The pledge only becomes final if enough money has been pledged to meet our funding goal. This event signifies the success of our project. If the funding goal is indeed met, the pledged money is transferred and used by us to manufacture and ship the game.

How to get involved

Now what if, after reading all this, you can’t wait to put your tactical wits towards collecting colorful pictures and controlling a giant gorilla, all on your kitchen table?! Well, there’s plenty ways to get involved and help make our project a success!