The most engaging board game featuring a giant gorilla!

About the game

“Have you ever tried to lead a group of tourists through a crowded zoo while being chased by a giant gorilla?”

In real life, this might be a little too exciting, but in Paparazzoo it’s the scene of a tactical and interactive board game. In Paparazzoo, 3-5 competitive tour guides lead strings of tourists through a zoo – the central game board. The tourists strive to photograph as many animals as they can, while being hindered by a gorilla on the loose. Players draft action cards to move or expand their group, take pictures or direct the gorilla to the rival guides!

Rare and timely photographs boost the score, but be sure to claim your place on the narrow paths. The best player to guide the tourists’ movements, while staying out of the gorillas way, wins the game!


  • 3-5 players
  • 45 minutes playtime
  • 10 years and older

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16 Nov, 2017

Over the past couple of months we have visited several conventions to demo Paparazzoo and get more people excited about…

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Paparazzoo at PopinnPark

19 Oct, 2017

Last Saturday we played Paparazzoo with a bunch of people at PopinnPark in Amsterdam. Thank you Four Horsemen Games for…

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